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disaster recovery for coins

TigerDR for COINS

Introducing our low-cost Disaster Recovery Service for COINS  “TigerDR for Coins”

Providing businesses using the ever popular COINS Application Suite a very affordable and proven solution

Low Cost

We offer a proven Disaster Recovery Service for COINS from as little as £39.99/mth

Now that’s value


Just like your on-premise Server/s, your Cloud DR Server will run Linux for reliability and performance

Secure Replicated Data-centers

Worried where your data is?

Don’t be, all our servers are protected across our data-centers and never leave the EU


Guaranteed Bandwidth

Up to 200Mbps (Dedicated Servers) & 100Mbps (Shared Servers) of blazing fast bandwidth to and from your server/s

Dedicated for You

We offer dedicated, shared and virtualized servers.

Finding the right solution couldn’t be easier

Scaleable Performance

We offer fully customisable and scaleable solutions to perfectly match your requirements and budget.

Why use TigerDR for COINS?

TigerDR for COINS uses our proven ‘Offline’ technology.  Rather than pay for an expensive Online/Live Service, our Offline product range is ideal for businesses looking for a very cost effective disaster recovery solution who do not need true online up to the minute replication.  If you can cope with rolling back a few hours then Offline-TigerDR for COINS is right for you.

It provides a reliable and business ready server, built to an agreed specification using the latest Intel/AMD Multi-core processors. on a fully secure datacentre environment.  Multiple physical servers provide resilience to multiple virtualized hosts, ensuring your server is alwasy ready to run.

The size and specification of your chosen virtualized server is up to you; add additional CPU’s, more Memory or increase the disk storage as required, creating a Disaster recovery Server that’s right for you.

We build to order and work with you to test.  Once tested and approved by you, the Server is then retained in a ‘Offline’ state ready for activation.  Upon activation your Server is made available online within minutes and updated with your latest data backup (if applicable), either from your TigerVault Secure Cloud backup (recommended) or via other media.  Once loaded you are free to access the server remotely for as long as you require.

No large monthly rentals or storage charges – You only pay for what you use.

Plans and Pricing

Simply choose the plan that’s right for you or call us to discuss your requirements.  All plans are customizable to meet your individual business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden costs?
All the costs are clearly laid out in the pricing tables for the standard plans.  If you require a specific configuration or would like our technical team to assist with additional setup e.g. Security, VPN, Printers etc then additional charges may be incurred.
What if I don't have TigerVault Cloud Backup?
Using TigerVault is both cost effective and recommended to provide the most robust and efficent solution.  If you elect to provide the backup recovery data via an alternative method then additional charges may be incurred
How is the Online Usage measured?
Online usage is calculated in hours or part thereof from the time the server is online and accessible by you until it is shutdown again or you advise that you have finished with its use during any one instance.  Online usage includes the time to reload any backup data

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